NFS Heat Features

The races themselves, and the main here, asphalt rings and sprints, in NFS Heat are traditional for the series. If your car is much more powerful than the opponents’ cars – they will slow down and wait for you, if weaker – will go into the horizon, only you have seen them. Cars behave again in the same way as in other games of the series. The best method of passing turns – controlled skid. The brake button on the gamepad can be glued in general. Speed control on apex? The correct way out of a corner? Leave it to Forza Horizon. In NFS Heat, just let go of the throttle for a second, rush the steering wheel to the right side and squeeze the throttle to the full throttle again – the machine will perfectly go into any turn up to 90 degrees. No loss of speed, no problem, thank you at least no acceleration, as it was in NFS Rivals. You can check it with GGsel.

Control features

If the angle of rotation is a little higher, use the handle safely. A jerk handle combined with a turn – and the machine literally jumps to the side you need, with a small but uncritical loss of speed. This can be outrageous, but in general this kind of physics is characteristic of the series, so you can consider it a tradition and spiritual scrapers for Speed. With the physics of collision everything is the same as usual – ram the traffic on your health, if it will slow you down, it is insignificant. Cars collide like two bars of soap, visual damage is limited to scratches and cracks on the glass, no flying parts and broken components. This is also expected.

But the fact that cars are almost no different in terms of control, frankly frustrating. This is especially noticeable in the early stages of the game, when the car is not yet very powerful. By and large, there are differences only in the setting of cars for different types of races. The car for drifting and the same car for off-road racing will feel quite differently. The differences between the cars of the same power level and different manufacturers are so insignificant that there is no point in collecting a large park in NFS Heat.

It frustrates the Need for Speed Heat and the multiplayer. More precisely, its practical absence. Structurally, NFS Heat, like NFS Rivals or Forza Horizon 4, is a game with a permanent online connection. There are 15 other players on the same server with you, and starting any race, you can invite everyone who wants to join you… but in fact, rarely anyone wants to join you. Everybody is busy, nobody cares about you. There are no separate multiplayer races or any analogue of Adventure from Forza Horizon 4 in NFS Heat. So all you have to do is compete with other players in absentia, passing special tasks with ghost machines. This is a good way to earn money, but you can’t call it a full multiplayer. It’s a shame, an arcade race without normal multiplayer is a profanation of the idea.

There are no loot boxes in Need for Speed Heat. In general. This is so unusual for games from Electronic Arts, that it is not even believed. It seems that the aggressive reaction of players to the latest EA games has still yielded results. Many gamers hate this monetization scheme. If EA realized that they played with loot boxes, maybe it will be time to change something in the approach to the Need for Speed series? I really want to believe in it.

The advantages of the game are: an impressive dramatic graphics, a system of visual customization of cars, racing different classes, a good fleet of cars, the absence of loot boxes. So you can try this game. And if you are interested in another genre or you want to relax from racing, you can find something interesting here.