Contests and Activities

Badge Hacking Contest

All the details for the badge and contest have been moved to the Badge page.

Hardware Hacking Lounge

We’ll have a bunch of tables setup in the sponsor area as the Hardware Hacking Lounge. We’ve got a bunch of nice soldering irons and we trust you know how to use them. If you don’t, Mitch Altman and Jimmie P. Rodgers will be there giving workshops and generally hanging out and helping you get on with the hardware hacking.

Hacker Jeopardy

On Friday and Saturday nights of the con, we’ll be having Hacker Jeopardy, hosted by our very own NickD. He’s way funnier than Alex Trebek and doesn’t have a creepy mustache. Standard Defcon rules apply: 
* teams of three
* each drink consumed adds 100 points/dollars to your score
* teams will be picked at random from those present at go time
* teams must be present to play

Email [email protected] by April 19th to sign up.

Crypto Puzzle Contest

Unfortunately, G Mark Hardy is triple booked for the weekend of QuahogCon and can’t make it up to Rhode Island. However, he’s done us a solid and put together an excellent crypto puzzle for you all to solve. Get ready to put on your thinking caps to solve it.

Alpha One Labs Arduino Hacking Contest

The cool folks from Alpha One Labs will be holding an Arduino Hacking Contest. They’ve got a sweet prize pack (including a Mystery Prize) for the best Arduino hack. Stop by their table in the sponsor area for more details and to submit your entry.

Lockpick Lounge

Deviant Ollam and the TOOOL crew are bringing a bunch of locks and picks and will be setup at a table in the sponsor area for your lockpicking pleasure. Be sure to stop by to test your lock picking fu. It wouldn’t be a hacker conference without lockpicking, now would it?