Middle on the Mirage map in CS GO

Today we have on the plan general information about the location of the Middle on the Mirage map in CS GO for novice fighters. This guide is aimed at accelerating your career advancement. After it is mastered in your head there will be clarity, the mood will improve, diseases will go away, and the hated “Silver” in the match-making will be replaced by something more proud and beautiful. And remember that success in any business is achieved only through hard training and work on yourself. You can get interesting additions to the game at .

Middle, mid

One of the main positions on the map, from where you can build your game for both sides. Competent and teamwork at the center will help you gather information and rebuild your attack or defense, depending on the enemy’s actions. There are many guides on the Internet, where the smokes in the center are shown in detail. Use them, learn, dominate. To begin with, consider the game for the defense side.

Remember that the most convenient link to control the center is short. In this case, the attackers will not be able to focus their attention on one point. If you play in the window, but lose the timings to enter, then ask your teammates from point A to throw you a flash over the connector, which will be a surprise for the Terrorist team. Under it can also make a lunge and teammate form short. You don’t need to go out the window if you are afraid to look out of there and plan to just stand behind the wall while your comrades-in-arms take over the attack. The main danger for the player in the window is the enemy of the type “give in the window with one”. Be ready, Scout, otherwise a fire in certain parts of the body from such a headshot is sure to be avoided.

If you play in the Connector, you should interact with the teammate in a zig and listen to information from a friend in the window as accurately as possible. Your first task is to control the exit from the basement (underpass), only in the absence of an enemy you can more widely open in the middle and try to kill the enemy in the distance with the help of teammates. The main danger for a player in the Connector is an enemy like “run where I want, the law does not prohibit”. These specimens are ready to run with a knife through the middle, without turning on the threat from the window and short to slap the jammed CT in the narrow aisle.

If you play ziggy, you have a big responsibility for almost the entire card. The first thing you should do when entering point B is to listen to the carpets and give your supporter information about the presence or absence of steps. If you do NOT do this, the enemy may suddenly fly to the point and beat the supporter with his dirty laundry. After you have made sure that the enemy is not making any noise on the palace, throw a deep fig on them and start helping your teammates in the middle, if you feel you can do so. Your task is to control the right side of the mid and break through the connector, as well as give info to a friend in the window about the steps in the basement.

Prepare for the match

Psychological preparation is an important stage of training and warm-up before the game on de_mirage. Never underestimate your opponents: the enemy is smart, cunning, unpredictable, does not love you from the beginning. It is not always possible to act against him with tactics “on the fly”. Turn your head on and analyze. To survive on the “mirage” requires fantasy. Based on information from your teammates, draw an imaginary map in your head with the most likely positions of your opponents. After that, draw conclusions and choose a convenient direction of attack or fallout. Now let’s get back to the analysis of key actions on the map. If you need more information, then go to this site .