Why Do You Need Cloud Staffing?

With clouds becoming more popular, IT businesses are actively migrating their instances to clouds. The main reason for this to happen is that, with cloud adoption, companies can deliver software faster, reliably and safely without having persistent headaches worrying about the costs and infrastructure operating.

At the same time, quite sensitive issues hamper IT enterprises, especially startups and small businesses to implement cloud migration correctly. And, as a result, instead of coveted cost-effectiveness and better performance, organizations get into money traps and face quality deterioration. If you decide to migrate to the cloud or you are there but you‘re not really satisfied with your infrastructure performance, maybe the time to hire an outsourcing team to deal with cloud-based issues has come.

Why are clouds so cool?

According to a PwC report, 75% of IT decision-makers are considering turning to the cloud’s adjustable and scalable services. With cloud-based services, you can access computing powers for any scale at an instant via Virtual Machines. Not to mention a huge range of services like data storage, networking and many others. Apart from on the surface pros like fast delivery, clouds have benefits like redundancy, global reach, on-demand service, pay-as-you-go capacity, effective visualization and others.  

Why do organizations beware of clouds?

Many organizations do not move their infrastructures to clouds because they’ve read plenty of reports from other businesses on how their post-migration cloud spending is extremely rising. Why is cloud spending rising in 2021? According to this report, FinOps practitioners name gigantic $45 billion in cloud spend annually. The survey demonstrated massive sprawl of cloud spend, and a desperate struggle to control and optimize it. Whooping 49%, almost half, of the businesses didn’t have automation of managing cloud spend at all. This fact clarifies that these companies might miss their chance to optimize cloud spend and unreasonably waste their money. 

Reasons for cloud spend sprawl 

Here are the reasons why plenty of IT organization experience a cloud spending growth during the first year after the migration:

  • Time neglecting. Moving too fast without a plan. As a result, bills do not go down and businesses don’t get satisfying outcomes.
  • No experience. Teams are not experienced enough to complete cloud migration and configure correct cost optimization management.   
  • No skills. Teams might experience a lack of necessary skills.

Why do you need cloud staffing? 

To migrate to clouds and implement a cost-efficient infrastructure there you need not only migration but also a post-migration plan. And, importantly, these plans designing and enabling have to be performed by professionals. It’s better to delegate your cloud-related challenges to skilled DevOps specialists that deal with endless bills growing in number month by month. IT cloud staffing is definitely the best way to avoid a time-consuming recruitment process and gain instant access to the highly skilled talent pool for only a fraction of the costs of hiring an in-house team for your business. Plus, expert DevOps outsourcing teams will not only provide cloud-based services for you but also support you with all necessary tech documentation and consultations. After such quality time, your teams might get all helpful expertise and experience to work with clouds independently. It doesn’t really matter what way you choose, either provide cloud migration on your own or turn to professional outsourcing teams, do not forget to plan your cloud adoption and migration carefully.