The making of a Maker TV show. A Scrapheap Tribute to Isembard Kingdom Brunel

Jeff Del Papa

Maker TV from the inside. Watch a never shown in the US episode of Scrapheap/Junkyard, with commentary by the captain of The NERDS, the team from the USA. After the show, I will talk about how the show is made, and answer questions. As for the show, it was a special tribute to the work of the great British engineer, Isembard Kingdom Brunel, made to celebrate his 200th birthday.

Jeff Del Papa is the founder of The New England Rubbish Deconstruction Society; The NERDS, the first and last US team to appear on the engineering series, Scrapheap Challenge/Junkyard Wars. Jeff is a builder of recumbent bicycles, modern editions of ancient siege engines, and other large metal objects. After a quarter century in the computing industry, he now leads team building exercises based on the Junkyard Wars format.