Men vs women: how they play in the casino

When gambling first began to develop, it was only available to men. Casinos, pubs, and gambling houses did not welcome women. We see the same in many old movies. In the casino scenes, gentlemen sit at the tables, leaving their ladies in the background. Although there are many more male players now, women also often play in casinos. They are into all kinds of gambling, sometimes winning big money. But who and how do they gamble? Let’s take a closer look.

The differences in the play of the two sexes

The legendary Vanessa Selbst and actress Shannon Elizabeth are fond of card games. They often participate in poker fights, defeating men, demonstrating that even the weaker sex is capable of a professional game. For girls, however, the excitement has a slightly different meaning.

  1. Men play more often than women and often try different schemes and tactics to win.
  2. Girls prefer long sessions and lower stakes.
  3. Men often gamble high and hope they get big winnings. For them, gambling is one way to earn and show their risk-taking skills.
  4. Women most often gamble to relax and distract themselves. They like games where you have to think a lot and choose logical moves. So often the fair sex chooses poker or blackjack.
  5. Women begin to get involved in gambling after thirty. But the opposite sex is involved at the age of twenty.
  6. Basically, women want to get from the game a lot of impressions and emotions, which they lack in normal life. For men, it is part of his image and an opportunity to test themselves.

As you can see, the style of the game for men and women is radically different. It is interesting that both sexes at a young age prefer card games (blackjack and poker), but older players like slots and roulette. If you want to enjoy playing at a reliable online casino, visit this rating first

What a player’s favorite casino game can tell you about him

  • Blackjack: A cool player. You like to look cool, interesting, and stylish. You keep away from other people, showing a certain coolness and mystique with your whole appearance. In clothing style, you prefer expensive accessories and natural fabrics. Such players do not like to talk long with others about anything, they often spend time alone with a cigar or in their thoughts.
  • Poker: A player who knows his own worth. You can be one of three people: rich and successful, a professional poker player, or a fan of the cool stuff. It doesn’t really matter which caste you belong to. The important thing is that if you sit down at the card table, it means you have a high level of risk and are ready to win. Poker players are the real dabblers of fate, who constantly play their luck with it.
  • Slot machines: a player who knows how to wait. If you like classic slot machines, you can safely be called a sage. Such players inherent ability to wait, go after your goal, and not waste motivation. You have a large charge of psychological endurance, which allows long and painstaking spinning drums.
  • Modern online slots: a bright player, striving for novelty. Do you like multipurpose slot machines with lots of lines and bonuses? You – a modern player who appreciates novelty. You do not want to just sit in front of the screen, because it is much more interesting to take an active part in the game. Such users boldly go to their goal and know that to achieve it you need to do something.
  • Roulette: extreme player. Such users are real daredevils. They are not afraid of riding a bike, going to the mountains, or other dangerous adventures. They like to take risks and often compensate for those risks by playing roulette. For them, it’s a great adventure that can also bring rewards.

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