Four Options to Reset your Windows Password

There can be a sinking feeling of losing anything, including your Windows password. You cannot use your computer at this time, and your work cannot move forward. Are there ways to recover your lost Windows password? Yes! You do not have to look elsewhere.

Continue reading on to discover the different methods in which you can retrieve your password. Here is the procedure for the first one.

Procedure 1: Administrator Account

You will need an administrator account for this method. If you have one, you can get your password rather quickly. Log into the Windows 7 system using the admin account.

  1. Go to Start  > Control Panel > Add or Remove user accounts
  2. Select the locked administrator account
  3. Click Remove the password or Change the password; do so for your forgotten or lost password

Procedure 2: Windows Password Reset Disk

You will need a USB key. Windows 7 lets you create a windows password reset disk in case you lose your Win 7 login password. If you forget your password, you can reset to a new one with the disk you create. The caveat to this is that you can only create your drive before you lose your password for Windows 7. If you do not create it before that, it will not be of much help.

  1. When you incorrectly type in your password, the login screen will display a hint: The username or password is incorrect
  2. Click OK, and you will be directed back to the login screen
  3. Insert the USB key you created and click Reset Password
  4. Click Next
  5. Select your disk
  6. Type your new password
  7. Click Finish and your new password is good to go

Procedure 3: Windows 7 Third Party Recovery Software

You will need a USB flash drive or a blank CD/DVD, a PC with a CD/DVD writer, and a Windows 7 password recovery software. There is plenty of software for this task online. A lot of them are designed to create a Windows password recovery disk. Windows Login Recovery is a great one to start with.

  1. Download Windows Login Recovery
  2. Burn the software into your USB flash drive or blank CD/DVD
  3. Recover your Windows 7 password with your new disk

Procedure 4: Windows 7 Installation Disc

You will need an installation of Windows 7 as it will not only install the OS, but it can restore the system as well. If you had made a system backup image before you established your Windows 7 password, you could reset your system with it to the earliest status – wherein there was no login password yet.

  1. Insert the disc to your locked Win 7 computer
  2. Reboot your PC from the installation disc
  3. Select your language settings
  4. Click Repair your computer
  5. Choose a recovery option, then Next

If your PC is not configured to start from a CD/DVD, check your computer and the information it has. You may need to change your PC’s BIOS settings.

Memorizing passwords can be a hassle, and when you write them down, it can become a potential security risk. So if you forgot your administrator password, you could download software recovery tools with ease. These applications will help you gain access back to your computer.

Some have an easy-to-use interface, so you can use them even if it’s your first time. It can work within minutes. You do not need to stress over how you forgot your password. The majority of the latest programs available work around 99% of the time.

Some ask for a one-time fee, and some of the software tools guarantee free updates for life and round the clock technical support. It’s great to know that this kind of programs exist if you forget your Windows password.