Barcelona is a unique zone for the realization of opportunities

You can tell a lot about Barcelona as one of the most beautiful Spanish cities, rich in sightseeing – objects of history, culture, interesting places. Life here is full of tourists, as in many other major European cities. But there is also one significant difference. Another feature of this city, which is mentioned only in business circles – it can easily open and conduct their business any serious foreign investor. You can also open your business in other regions of Spain. For example, you have the opportunity to learn house prices in majorca.

Business in Spain – the legal framework

Under Spanish law, any foreigner can register a private firm in the country. The forms of business can be as follows:

  • Individual entrepreneur;
  • Civil society (from 2 participants);
  • General partnership (also from 2 people);
  • Joint Stock Company;
  • Company with limited/unlimited liability;
  • Partnership.

In this case, a foreigner himself can not work at the opening of the enterprise – only to make a profit. To work, a residence and work permit is required. In this case, it becomes very attractive to invest in real estate, with subsequent rental of housing. The most popular and promising areas of business in Spain for foreign investors – construction, hotel, computer. A very good solution would be to open your own travel company. However, this is a common rule for the whole of Spain. What are the features of Barcelona? What do investors wishing to open a business in the capital of Catalonia need to know?

Features of business in Barcelona

With its excellent location and convenient connections to other countries of Barcelona, it is always in the center of events. What does it mean? This city is Europe’s southern gateway, the capital of the Mediterranean and one of its largest ports. It is the link between the Maghreb and Latin America and one of the leading logistical areas of the southern European continent. Over 90% of foreign companies operating in Catalonia are located in Barcelona. More than half of all foreign companies operating in Spain are developing in this region.

Among other advantages of Barcelona, making it attractive for business investment:

  • Leading segments of the economy – environmental and technology activities;
  • High level of education – there are 8 universities, two business schools that are included in the list of 25 best in the world;
  • Half of the city population involved in economic activity is involved in the segments of science;
  • Urbanistic appearance of the city is constantly changing and improving;
  • The large selection of commercial real estate in Barcelona satisfies all needs of large and small businesses;
  • Business and commerce in Barcelona have established principles;
  • Any activity here is done in a thorough and responsible manner, both by citizens and foreign investors;
  • The capital city of Catalonia has the highest standard of living among the working population (European countries);
  • Barcelona is internationally renowned and its prestige is regularly reflected in global rankings and research.

Starting a business in Barcelona – where to start

So, you have the right to be legal in the country, capital and a great idea. In that case, there are no obstacles to start your own business in Barcelona. First you need to get a foreigner identification number (N.I.E.). This number is issued by the local tax authorities. Without it, non-residents have no right to conduct business. Other details of doing business in Barcelona, as well as in other Spanish cities, depend on the sphere of activity.