Art to Part – Using tech like 3d printing, rapid prototyping, cnc machining, and computational design to make digital plans into physical parts

Matthew Borgatti

You’ve heard about Makerbot which can print 3d parts in plastic filament, but how about PolyJet, which can print flexible rubber parts from nearly any 3d file? How about printing in steel, clear plastic, fully colored resin, and ceramic? In this talk I’m going to go over some of the developments that have been made in 3d printing and rapid prototyping over the past few years, how to design your projects to use them, and where to find the services to take your concepts and turn them into parts you can play with.

Matthew Borgatti is a hacker, builder and designer who specializes in mechanisms and manufacturing. He’s built monsters for movies ranging from Snakes on a Plane to Aliens Vs. Predator II. He’s built stop motion sets for the Simpsons. He’s worked on giant metal slabs for Raygun Gothic Rocket and the DNA Lounge. He once ate a bear from the feet up so it could watch. His stuff is at http://sinbox.org and he speaks with great authority @gianteye